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Statement Cellars and Other Wine Storage Trends

The trend started about a decade ago, when folks began asking for cellars that were not only functional for storage but also served as statement pieces that could be incorporated into the overall design of the home. Tasting Table asks Jim Cash and other leaders in the industry to weigh in on some of the…

Wine cellar design niche

Revel’s Wine Cellar Design Niche

Core77 Author Rain Noe’s article featured in Core77’s Design Blog describes how Jim Cash created Revel’s wine cellar design niche that ultimately led to Revel’s success and recognition as a leader in the field of wine cellar design and manufacturing. Cash set about designing better ways to store wine, ways that would strike a balance…

Strategies for Stocking Your Wine Cellar

Ok, you’ve finally built your wine cellar. Now it’s time to think about what you stock and how you stock it. If you’re like me, you’ve probably read so many articles on wine collecting that it’s hard to know where to start. Most of them are for beginners, and almost none of them offer any practical advice as to the smartest method of acquiring wines. My goal with this post is to discuss wine acquisition strategies and perhaps create a feedback loop where our clients can share some of their own secrets for the benefit of other wine collectors.

WS article

In The Deep End

Wine Spectator In The Deep End. Revel is honored to share our third instance of appearing in Wine Spectator magazine, which takes a look at a very unique cellar built in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Every potential home buyer has his or her nonnegotiable requirements. For Floridians Roland and Missy Boney, the top priority was a…