Displaying a Love for Wine

Grand Rapids Magazine, November 2010 “Choosing wine storage products for your home begins with two basic questions: How important is the wine? And, what system would best suit how you enjoy it? “Before becoming a ‘collector’ who needs a home cellar, there is a process of learning and enjoying wine,” said Jim Cash, owner of…

A Revel-ation for Wine Collectors

The Robb Report Collection, December 2009 “Revel creates cellars in which the wine is the focal point instead of the racks. The Revel design uses dowel-bottom sliding drawers and carousels – similar to those found in high-end kitchens – which allow for more efficient airflow between the bottles and, more important, allows you to see…

The Upstairs Cellar

Grand Rapids Magazine “Revel has taken the concept of showcasing wine to a new level. ‘In a traditional cellar, you can’t really identify the wine,’ Lindrup said. ‘But standing in a Revel cellar, you can identify 70 percent of the bottles without touching one…It’s visual and so cool. You can see your prize possessions.’” Read…

cellar in Ocean Home

Ocean Home: A Cellar’s Market

Ocean Home
“Inventor Jim Cash’s latest designs combine functionality with aesthetics, and the result is not just a talking piece for dinner parties, but a great way to reevaluate the way in which you not only display your wine but also select it for consumption.”
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Stellar Cellar

Stellar Cellar

“The chances are good that the executives of one local startup business know just the wine to go with a successful business launch. Better yet, they also have a unique place to store that bottle until it comes time to uncork it.” Read more

Making wine cellars in West Michigan

WWMT Newschannel 3 CBS (Grand Rapids, Mich.) “West Michigan is already known for its grape crop and for its fabulous wineries that bottle more and more award-winning wines each year, now someone has found the perfect way to display that wine.” The Revel wine cellar is a new storage concept that is taking off.  Read…