Revel designs and builds custom wine cellar cabinetry inspired by and designed for the discerning wine collector—the revolutionary way to showcase, access and protect your prized wine collection. A Revel cellar isn’t a monument; it isn’t superficial–although it does make a statement and it is profound. It knows what it is, a purpose-built space that stands alone, comfortable in its own skin.

To illustrate our unique wine cellar designs and to learn the story of Revel’s inspiration, please watch the two videos on the right.

Never satisfied with convention, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in re-imaging a better way. Not more complicated—simply more efficient, logical and supremely functional.

Featured widely in respected publications such as Wine Spectator and Forbes and awarded multiple patents, Revel’s custom-crafted innovations celebrate the wine it stores and brings a new level of sophistication and ease to wine cellar storage.

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Revel Inspiration

Floor mosaic in wine cellar
pullout drawers for wine
First cellar by Revel
 After a lifetime of collecting wine, Jim Cash had run out of closet space for his 700 bottles. It was finally time to build the cellar that would house his collection. There was just one problem. The cellar he envisioned hadn’t been invented yet.

To be sure, his exhaustive research uncovered many options—but a “bin” wasn’t any way to treat prized bottles and standard wine racks were better at hiding wine than displaying it. And what case storage was available on the market seemed more backbreaking than convenient.

Never one to back away from a challenge and with the benefit of a career in real estate development and construction, Jim Cash decided to build a cellar of his own design. After a year and a half of design and invention, his custom-crafted cellar was complete, and the envy of every wine collector who saw it.

He secured multiple patents for his inventions, and with mounting interest from architects, builders and wine professionals, Jim Cash founded Revel to bring wine lovers everywhere the first wine cellar cabinets worthy of their passion.

Images of Revel’s flagship cellar can be seen above.

  • “After reviewing the first design and rendering from Revel, I was amazed how they were able to maximize the bottle count while still delivering a beautiful and efficient wine cellar design.”

    B. Foster, client
  • “My client told me he absolutely wanted the state-of-the art in wine cellar design. Everywhere I looked, your name came up.”

    Lucy E., Interior Designer
  • “In a world today where people rarely take ownership of the basics, Erin is a breath of real fresh air! I am so excited and we will send you lots of pictures once it is fully installed.”

    Karyn F., a client in Connecticut
  • “Not yet a year old, Revel Custom Wine Cellars is already drawing rave reviews from the wine intelligentsia and earning orders from notable collectors throughout the country.”

    Lansing State Journal, Lansing, MI
  • “When a bottle of wine costs more than what many people make in a week, a cheap wire rack just won’t do.”

    Furniture Trends