Wine Wheel

  • Holds up to 18 Bottles Per Wheel
  • Optimizes Corner Space

We have adapted the space-saving concept traditionally employed in corner kitchen cabinetry with our own unique and patented Wine Wheel™. Constructed with our proprietary dowel system, this rotating tower wins on three levels — aesthetics, function and efficiency.

Revel’s patented Wine Wheel™ optimizes your storage capacity by utilizing otherwise wasted corner space. With a turn of the wheel, you can make a wine selection without disturbing a single bottle.  Multiple bottle shapes and sizes can be accommodated on each wine wheel.

Available in floor-to-ceiling or counter-height configurations, each level of the Revel Wine Wheel™ can accommodate as many as eighteen standard-sized bottles, seven of which are identifiable at a glance. Larger format bottles such as Cabernet, Champagne and Magnum bottles can also be stored on the wine wheel, with slightly less capacity per wheel, usually around 15 bottles per wheel.