Reveal System

  • Flexibility for Constrained Spaces
  • Ideal for Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Works with Contemporary & Traditional Cellar Designs

The Revel “Reveal” wine cellar system is a new addition to our product line and was created to work with both traditional and contemporary cellar themes. Inspired by the need for a system with more flexibility to fit in more constrained spaces, Reveal is highly functional and efficient.

Reveal provides a dramatic visual presentation, and since it has no moving components, can be delivered at a lower price point.  The Reveal system presents wine bottles in a proper 15-degree angle, bottom end outward orientation.  This greatly enhances label visibility while keeping the wine in contact with its cork to preserve the integrity of the seal.

Available in either all wood or a combination of steel and wood, customers can choose from a wide range of wood species and finishes, as well as a variety of colors and finishes for the steel components. It is ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants and tasting rooms, as well as residential spaces.  We have also found that it integrates seamlessly with our other systems providing yet another design tool to achieve the outcomes our clients desire.