Wine Cellar Elements

Our wine-centric design elements are created to maximize label visibility and make your wine the star of the show.
Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

Our wine cellar elements, embody the the Revel philosophy which is centered on clean design paired with well-engineered, highly functional wine racks and wine storage components. We strive to live up to Revel’s recognition by Forbes as makers of “The World’s Best Wine Cellars.”

We want our cellars to be beautiful, of course. But what really sets us apart is how our products work. The inventive design elements we have developed allow you to showcase your collection and access every bottle without disturbing others. Our components let you store bottles of all shapes and sizes and makes it possible to easily manage your collection in an efficient, compact space. We call this the Revel DNA.

The cornerstones of our product line, Revel’s patented sliding pullout drawers and the corner Wine Wheel™ towers, have received industry and customer acclaim. Attention to our client’s needs combined with our founder’s personal experience as both a collector and designer of wine storage systems have led to a variety of creative solutions such as our Contemporary Designer Series and our Revel-ution Towers. Revel also crafts wood wine cellar doors, wine furniture and bistro tables featuring rotating wine wheels. We invite you to view and be inspired by our innovative cellar elements that are purpose-built for wine.

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