Limited Edition Cigar Lover’s Gift Box

Like everything we design at Revel, we wanted to create something special and geared towards our discriminating clientele. We are excited to share our latest product--The Limited Edition Cigar Lover's Gift Box.
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  • Hand-made hardwood box
  • Proper humidor
  • Gasket sealed with compression latches
  • Spanish cedar chamber for Boveda humidification pack
  • Holds 25 Churchill or Robusto-sized cigars
  • Foam-fitted inserts for:
    • bottle of choice (wine or whiskey)
  • Hand-blown Waterford glassware (wine or whiskey)
  • Dual-flame Colibri cigar lighter
  • Colibri cigar cutter
  • J.A. Henckles waiter’s corkscrew
  • Analog hygrometer
  • Inserts topped with carbon fiber
  • Boxes come in a variety of wood species and are fully customizable

Cigar Gift Box with Scotch

Introducing the latest addition to Revel’s unique line of custom products. The Cigar Lover’s Gift Box. A stand-alone, portable, and fully functional luxury cigar humidor that is a first of its kind—so unique it is patent- pending. But it’s also much more than that.

We start with a hand-made hardwood box that is a work of art in and of itself. We’ve built in all the right details. Stepped-edge design, gasket seal around the perimeter and high-quality compression latches that maintain the proper humidity inside the box.

Inside the cigar chamber, there is a false bottom with a Spanish cedar panel that sits on top of a Boveda humidification pack that can regularly be replaced. One opening is for Churchill-sized cigars and the other for Corona or Robustos. The built-in hygrometer lets you know when it is time to change the humidification pack.

That’s where the humidor ends and the gift box begins!

Like everything we design at Revel, we wanted to create something special and geared towards our discriminating clientele.

We designed fitted foam inserts that cradle the bottle of your choice whether whiskey or wine, along with appropriate hand-blown Waterford crystal glassware.

Other niches hold a collection of deluxe cigar accessories including a Colibri lighter and cutter and a classic JA Henckles waiter’s corkscrew. We finish it off with a top layer of carbon fiber giving it a sleek, contemporary look.

Custom Cigar Lovers Gift Box

Our boxes are also customizable and available in different furniture grade hardwoods, with custom etchings for corporate logos, initials, or artwork.

Cigar Gift Box with Navy Seal Logo

All of our cigar lovers’ gift boxes are designed to become a family heirloom that offers a lifetime of enjoyment for that special cigar lover in your life.

Please contact us if you wish to be placed on a waiting list. 

517-708-3113 or email us at

Cigar Lover’s Gift Box

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Introducing the Cigar Lover's Gift Box by Revel

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