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Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

“Jim and his team did a wonderful job managing our project in CA remotely from MI. Everything was designed perfectly for a tight space and arrived in great condition. The craftsmanship is excellent and their support and responsiveness was outstanding!”

P. Hasenkamp, Client

“We love it and so do all our guests, friends and family. John and I cannot thank you enough for creating this stunning piece of furniture. It sets the mood and style of our house: Napa winery vibe in rustic Washington.”

S Cragin, Client

“Our wine cellar is the highlight of our house and we get so many complements on it.  We have it fully stocked with our wine, and will pick up our art work for it this week.  Suzanne and I are very happy to be part of the Revel family.  Thank you for helping our home look so beautiful.  If you find yourself in the Seattle area, you have an open invite to the house for a glass of wine and to see your work in person.”

All the best,
J. Cragin

J. Cragin

“Just a quick note on just over my one year anniversary with my Revel Cellar – could not be MORE SATISFIED with you guys. the quality of my cellar and the craftsmanship is incredible. I get non-stop “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” when I show it to folks. I always tell them who built it.  Thanks again.”

Chris Cain, Client

“My company, Built By Brett Inc. was fortunate enough to have been the builder on this project. I wanted to take a moment to brag on Revel Custom Wine Cellars. From initial measurements to receiving the final product, Revel was nothing but professional and knowledgeable. After looking at the final plans, I was very skeptical that the cabinetry and lighting would go together without a lot of rework. To my surprise, the cabinetry,hardware and lighting went together flawlessly. I would insist that you use Revel if you are considering a wine cellar!”

Brett Godfrey, Built by Brett Custom Homes

“When my client saw your product, he told me that simply nothing else would do, and directed me to make it happen.”

D. Waddell, Project Manager, FM Intelligence

“The thing that struck me as I looked at the pictures on your website was that in each one, the wine looked happy”

Elin McCoy, Bloomberg Wine Columnist

“Revel wine cellars worked tirelessly to incorporate my ideas to fit into the space available that I had. The results are the great incorporation of design and functionality. I would highly recommend anyone contemplating a wine cellar to use Revel wine cellars.”

T. Jacome, M.D., Client in Louisiana

“The racks were packaged well and had no problems with the installation of the wheels. The wheels were great, well-built and very stable. They looked awesome with the rope light installed in the cabinets to highlight the wheels. The customer loved the versatility of the racks ability to hold multiple size bottles along with the quantity of bottles each wheel would hold. This is definitely one project for the scrap book and to show other potential customers. I would like to commend you for your professional help and guidance with the purchase of these units. For searching the internet for such an unusual item, I’m very well pleased with the whole process.” 

Timothy S., Cabinets & Closets by Design

“We had a great experience working with Revel at Cardinale. They listened to our wish list carefully and delivered a design that exceeded our expectations. The install went smoothly and our collectors have been wowed by the progressive design. We can now inventory the space in 10% of the time prior when we had individual bottle slots and diamonds. Well worth the investment.”

E. Ackerman, Cardinale Estate Director

“Revel provided a beautifully built custom walnut wine cellar – the design process was seamless – they worked well with my contractor – I would recommend their services to my family and friends.”

J. Vlasic, Client in Michigan

“My client told me he absolutely wanted the state-of-the art in wine cellar design. Everywhere I looked, your name came up.”

Lucy E., Interior Designer

“In a world today where people rarely take ownership of the basics, Erin is a breath of real fresh air! I am so excited and we will send you lots of pictures once it is fully installed.”

Karyn F., Client in Connecticut

“It has been a wonderful experience working with you and the Revel team. As you can see from the photos, the cellar looks and functions spectacularly. Your team lived up to all my expectations and delivered the quality and atmosphere we were hoping for in our wine cellar.”

T.Byron, Client in Michigan

“A few years ago, Jim Cash was just a passionate wine collector. These days, he is the owner of Revel Custom Wine Cellars, which is positioning itself to be the Lamborghini of wine rack systems.”

The Grand Rapids Press

“I would not hesitate to recommend Revel Custom Wine Cellars to anyone serious about their wine and wanting an extraordinary cellar to keep it in.”

H. Schlossberg, Client

“I had finally succeeded in finding the perfect cellar as far as I was concerned. The brilliance of a Revel cellar is that you can see every label in the entire cellar. The superb materials throughout the cellar and the expert craftsmanship combine to make it a masterpiece and a very unique room. The shelves allow me to see the label of every single bottle in my cellar, while having easy access due to the shelves being retractable.”

Christian Nelleman, Client in London, England

“Inventor Jim Cash’s latest designs combine functionality with aesthetics, and the result is not just a talking piece for dinner parties, but a great way to re-evaluate the way in which you not only display your wine but also select it for consumption.”

Ocean Home

“After reviewing the first design and rendering from Revel, I was amazed how they were able to maximize the bottle count while still delivering a beautiful and efficient design.” 

B. Foster, Client

“When we saw Revel’s system we were impressed by its design and performance. It was efficient, but also striking; we knew our collectors would be impressed.”

Erik Ackerman, Estate Director at Cardinale