Jim Cash didn't intend to start a wine cellar company. But, after the search for a suitable wine storage system left him less than inspired, he ended up designing wine cabinetry that would challenge the age-old concepts of wine storage.
Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

After a lifetime of collecting wine, Jim had run out of closet space for his 700 bottles sitting in the recesses of his basement. It was finally time to build the wine cellar that would house his collection, but there was just one problem–the cellar he envisioned hadn’t been invented yet.

Founder of Revel Custom Wine Cellars

Since time immemorial, wine storage has been better at hiding wine labels than displaying them. During his exhaustive research, he uncovered many options for his cellar. But a “bin” wasn’t any way to treat prized bottles and cubby-style racks had proven potentially damaging to labels, along with obscuring them.

Never one to back away from a challenge and with the benefit of a career in construction and real estate development, he decided to build a wine cellar of his own. After nearly two years of design and invention, his custom-crafted cellar was complete and was the envy of every wine collector who saw it.


His new designs shifted the old wine storage paradigm and prompted the industry to follow suit by re-imagining what a wine cellar can and should be.

He secured multiple patents for his inventions and with mounting interest from architects, builders and wine professionals, Jim founded Revel Custom Wine Cellars in 2009 to bring wine lovers everywhere the first wine cellar cabinets worthy of their passion.

Our clients have found that they can appreciate their collections more when they can see the bottles and read the labels in their cellars without having to handle them one by one. Revel has created new concepts in wine storage that make this possible – we call it making the wine the star of the show.