Jim Cash didn't intend to start a wine cellar company. But, after the search for a suitable wine storage system left him less than inspired, he ended up designing wine cabinetry that would challenge the age-old concepts of wine storage.
Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

After a lifetime of collecting wine, Jim had run out of space for his 700 bottles sitting in the recesses of his basement. It was finally time to build a wine cellar that would house his collection, but there was just one problem–the cellar he envisioned hadn’t been invented yet.

The traditional wine racks that had been the standard for hundreds of years hid the wine in “cubbies” with only the cork end visible. Jim’s vision was to create the first purpose-built cabinetry that would display the wine bottles and their labels rather than hide them.

Having no intention of starting a business around his new systems, Jim was taken by surprise when complete strangers began calling and asking for help with their projects.

He had unwittingly tapped into a latent desire of collectors to create wine cellars that were more functional and displayed the wine so it could be seen and appreciated. Jim left a lucrative career to form Revel in 2009, with a simple goal of designing and building the world’s best wine cellars.

Revel has continued to innovate and now has an ecosystem of products, materials and finishes that can be combined to meet the most stringent requirements of the most discriminating collectors. The company now has nine patents.

Timeless in style, Revel’s designs are wine-centric, meaning that it starts with the wine collection and works outward from there, as opposed to a more traditional approach that first designs the room and backs into the wine storage. As a result, Revel’s clients typically seek to incorporate glass into the entry systems and enclosures to promote views into their cellars from adjacent living areas and enhance the overall experience.

These concepts have become the new standard for today’s high end custom wine cellars. We call it making the wine the star of the show.