Revel is a highly acclaimed designer and builder of custom wine cellars and wine racks.
Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

Revel is widely acclaimed for its excellence in custom wine cellar designs and wine racks that showcase your collection in a spectacularly visual, user-friendly and efficient style. We ship our cellars all across the US and the world.

We created a new category of custom wine storage using fine cabinetry as opposed to traditional cork-out cubbies that were better at hiding labels rather than actually seeing them.

Our proprietary designs include our patented sliding pullout drawers with open-bottom doweled construction allows for storage of multiple bottle sizes, side-by-side either horizontally or vertically. Revel’s patented Wine Wheel™ towers showcase prized bottles in a highly visible and practical way to recover lost corner space in your cellar, all with a simple turn of the wheel.

Our newest product lines, the Revel-ution Towers and Designer Series offer a contrast to our traditional custom wine cellars by introducing a contemporary aesthetic that can be seamlessly blended with our traditional line.

We take wine storage and the design of your residential wine cellar very seriously and consider it the key to attaining a purpose-built space. Our cellar design team works with you, your interior designer, architect and/or builder to assure that you achieve an astutely crafted, custom wine cellar worthy of your collection.

A wine cellar shares an affinity with an art gallery. The wine is the art, and displaying it well enhances the ability to understand and appreciate the collection, exactly as a well-designed art gallery does. Bottles need to be properly stored, of course. But they also need to be made visible for viewing. This is the foundation of a Revel-built wine cellar.

Visual Drama—Efficiency—Accessibility. Revel Custom Wine Cellars. When nothing but the best will do.