Designer Series

Based upon demand from our customers for a more contemporary product style, we have designed a product line that offers the same quality and functionality, but in a radically different format. It incorporates new materials such as aluminum, bamboo, and acrylic. While other products made from similar materials are currently available in the market, none offer such advanced functionality.

The Designer Series features a column of individually rotating plates, situated vertically on a rod that serves as the axis for the rotation. Each plate will hold either 6 or 8 bottles, and a single 8 foot rod will hold about 18 plates. The bottles will be oriented on their sides with the labels facing outwards for ease of identification. In order to access the bottles at the back of the plates, one simply rotates the plate to bring the bottles within easy grasp.

This new system is highly efficient in terms of the number of bottles per square foot of floor space, and can be constructed from either 100 percent recycled material (aluminum) or readily renewable material (bamboo), as well as acrylic or MDF wood.