Liquor Storage

Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

It is pretty much a given that our clients love fine wines, but we have recently seen a growing number of clients who also are avid collectors of fine spirits like scotch, bourbon, and tequila. If that sounds like you, you might be wondering whether your wine cellar could double as a storage space for these cherished liquors. At Revel, we understand the importance of preserving your prized beverages. 

Typically, wine cellars maintain a temperature range of 55-57°F (12-14°C) with humidity levels around 60-70%. Spirits, on the other hand, are less sensitive to variations. They can withstand slightly higher temperatures, although extreme fluctuations should still be avoided. A well-maintained wine cellar can perfectly accommodate your spirit collection, provided the temperature remains relatively stable.

Your wine cellar can certainly accommodate your collection of scotch, bourbon, tequila, or any other spirit you enjoy. While primarily designed for wines, a properly maintained cellar can provide an excellent environment for storing your cherished spirits.

At Revel, we specialize in creating custom wine cellar designs tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are expanding your collection or seeking efficient storage solutions, our team can craft a cellar that caters to both your wines and spirits, ensuring they age gracefully while reflecting your refined taste.