Sliding Pullout Drawers

Our sliding pullout wine drawers designed with our patented dowel system makes your wine the star of the cellar. Revel’s configuration orients the bottle on its side, with the entire bottle label facing out. This significantly improves your ability to see and access your collection over traditional “cork out” methods. The visual drama of your cellar is maximized by putting the spotlight on your wines.

This drawer design also enables you to store multiple bottle sizes side-by-side, from 350 mL bottles to magnums, and also enhances label identification. With our open-bottom construction, all drawers higher than eye level can be stocked with labels facing downward, allowing them to be easily seen when viewing from below.

These pullout out drawers also help preserve the long-term value of your collection. You can access any wine in your cellar in one smooth motion…simply slide out the drawer, and you can instantly view the labels of your bottles without ever disturbing another bottle. This protects your wines’ labels from rips, tears or other damage caused from over handling, ultimately maintaining your collection’s impeccable provenance and long-term value.

There are multiple configurations that can be achieved with our unique sliding pullouts. Revel wine cabinetry is available in standard or double-depth formats. Deep formats maximize storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility. You can store bottles in a single layer, neck-to-neck or by label orientation with our unique sliding pullouts.

With either horizontal or vertical display orientation, our pullouts can also be made in double-depth formats for flexible bottle configurations – store bottles in a single layer, neck-to-neck or by label orientation, all options work as innovative solutions to typical storage problems.