The Aging Cellar at Brush Creek Farms, Wyoming

  • Designed for aging cases of vintage wines
  • Barrel tasting center
  • Reclaimed industrial carts for holding barrels
  • Reclaimed oak shelving

The Aging Cellar at Brush Creek Farms – At the outset of  this project at Brush Creek Farms, the initial direction to the team was to design a room specifically for aging cases of vintage wines. During the design phase, the concept of adding a barrel tasting center into the space was introduced. The Revel team developed a unique interpretation of this mission involving rustic shelving around the perimeter along the lines of what might have been built in a European wine cave, and historic industrial hand carts for the wine barrels.

The case shelving was designed for bearing the heavy loads of many cases, which ended up being engineered panels clad with rustic laminated “skins.” Rather than individual openings for the boxes, we created long spans, and tall vertical spacing that would allow for the ultimate flexibility for stacking boxes and accommodating boxes of all sizes and shapes. The barrel tasting carts, purchased from abandoned industrial facilities, turned out to be perfectly sized and suited for wine barrels. Revel was able to create continuity within the design of rustic oak – as the wine barrels themselves are made from oak, as are the historic carts holding them, so creating the shelving from rustic, salvaged oak pulled everything together. As a bonus, using the carts greatly facilitated the process of changing out the barrels individually as needed.