Benton Harbor Wine Vault

  • 146 Bottles
  • Crafted in Walnut

When Revel Founder, Jim Cash, bought a lake house and found there was nowhere to store wine, he knew he had to find a solution to suit his needs just like he did when he designed his original wine cellar. Without the space for a walk-in wine cellar, he designed the world’s first self-contained wine vault to perfectly store and display his wines, cigars, and liquors in the limited space that he had.

As a cigar lover, he incorporated a custom cigar drawer that accommodates up to 200 cigars, with compartments for both single cigars and cigar boxes. He used Revel’s signature wine pullout drawers to efficiently store his wine – both single bottles and cases, and a wine ladder with an onyx backlit panel for visual impact.

For both privacy and drama, he added “switch-glass” doors that can go from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch, which can be tightly locked away to keep his collection safe.

The result was the perfect storage solution for a collector with limited space, but sophisticated taste.

Check out the Revel Wine Vault page for more information.