Minneapolis Wine Cellar With Full Height Wine Ladders

  • Bottle Count 1,040
  • Crafted in Walnut

This beautifully designed and appointed custom wine cellar is located in Deephaven, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis.

Our clients were in the process of constructing a new home when we were hired to create a supremely functional, yet beautiful wine cellar that would create highly visible ways of displaying and managing their collection. The Revel team worked in conjunction with Swan Architecture and custom home builder, Street & Associates to develop a cellar that complemented the design and aesthetics of the rest of the home.

Our clients also wanted a fairly large open space at the back of the cellar that included a thin stone veneer. A small counter top/island unit allows for an area to open bottles and storage drawers to hold wine accessories. Two walnut wine wheel carousels are ensconced at the back wall, which serves as the focal point of the cellar as you enter the space. Instead of using a cabinetry surround to hold the rotating wine towers, we used only base and header platforms to create an airy, more minimalist look.

Full height wine ladders and columns of sliding pullouts flank each of the side walls. The wine ladders are accented with stainless dowels to add a modern accent to the wine racks. Large format upper storage cabinets showcase over-sized bottles.