Northeast Illinois Wine Cellar

  • Crafted in Fijian Mahogany
  • Bottle Count: 1,931
  • Hidden Wine Ladder Door

This cleverly designed Northeast Illinois wine cellar is full of surprises. It houses two rooms and includes  a hidden door which opens into additional wine storage space for bulk storage.

This wine cellar project was a collaboration with Drury Designs, an award winning interior design firm in the Chicago area.

Part of a home remodel, the owners wanted to re-design their wine cellar and bar/entertainment area. They also wanted to figure out a way to include a separate area for case storage accessible from the main wine cellar.  Revel had previously designed a hidden door wine ladder for another project and thought that would be the perfect solution to keep the beauty of the main cellar separated from the more bulk storage-centric 2nd wine room.

Twin wine towers flank the back corners while full height banks of pullout wine drawers provide label forward wine bottle storage.  LED lighting is built into the cabinetry to provide warm, inviting, accent lighting.