Utah Custom Wine Cellar Sited In It’s Own Free-Standing Building

  • Crafted in Walnut
  • 2,192 Bottles

This Utah custom wine cellar cottage, sited in it’s own free-standing building is the brainchild of a retired Chairman/CEO and his wife. With his ever burgeoning collection, (stored among 2 wine cellars) he took a 36 foot by 18 foot free-standing footprint and had a drawing created for two 18′ X 18′ rooms, one being dry and warm, and the other being designed for proper wine storage.

His wife, who is a visionary when it comes to design and build outs said “no, no, no” and worked with her architect to design and build a wine cottage with a beautiful conservatory reading room that leads into the wine storage area with a decidedly French country feel.

Not long after the the plans for the cottage were drawn, he spied a Revel cellar featured in Wine Spectator and loved the layout and the highly functional racking.  He connected with our team and in conjunction with his architect and interior design team, worked worked hand in hand to create this captivating, beautiful and unique wine cellar.