Must-Have Amenities for Luxe Wine Cellars

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The must-have amenties for luxe wine cellars, right now.

ELIN McCOY, Bloomberg Pursuits wine columnist, pens an eye-popping, savvy story about the must-have amenities for luxe wine cellars right now. “New-wave cellars often feature tasting tables, comfy chairs, lighting worthy of an art gallery, and space age technology. They even look good without any wine in them” writes McCoy. Trends, amenities, costs, and cellar technology are covered in this captivating piece.

“New technology has been key,” says Jim Cash of Revel Custom Wine Cellars in Lansing, Mich.  Refrigeration is more efficient, for one thing. Backup systems monitor conditions through electronic sensors that trip alarms, sending texts to the owner if the temperature rises or falls dramatically.

Electro-chromatic smart-glass filters out ultraviolet rays and can go opaque with the click of a switch. LED lighting, which doesn’t generate heat that could cook the wine, has revolutionized the way designers create lighting effects.

Not to mention better security through fingerprint entry. 

Cash has even patented two rack designs, a wine wheel based on the Lazy-Susan concept and a new revolving tower, that let you see labels without touching the bottles. (He won’t reveal client names, but one of them is Richard Branson.)

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