Statement Wine Cellar in Great Lakes by Design

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Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

We are honored to have this gorgeous statement wine cellar grace the cover of the inaugural issue of Great Lakes by Design magazine. Editor Rachel J. Weick and her team have worked tirelessly to create a publication truly showcasing the high-quality talent, dedication and design throughout the Great Lakes region.

Revel client, Bob Pocica and Jim Cash were interviewed at length for this cover story and they share how Revel Custom Wine Cellars and Benchmark Wood Studio are changing the conversaton on how to display wine with innovative design.

Located at the foot of the basement stairs of the home, the Revel custom wine cellar is transitional in design: incorporating contemporary elements of stainless steel, concrete and glass. Lined with concrete walls on either end of the cellar and transparent glass walls with a double-door entry and exit, the cellar was intentionally designed to create a focal point directing the eye beyond the bottle display to the modern-inspired tasting room overlooking the shores of Lake Charlevoix.

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