The Art of the Wine Cellar

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Revel - Cellar Designs for Fine Wines

Today’s wine collectors are integrating wine storage into their homes in dramatic ways. In this cover story in the September 2020 issue of  Wine Spectator, Ben Lasman talks to top cellar designers about their approaches to building secure, sophisticated wine rooms for collections of all sizes and styles.

Honored to be included in this article, the art of the wine cellar, Revel’s Jim Cash talks about aligning expectations at the outset so there is no sticker shock when the proposal is presented. You have to balance cost, capacity and visual impact and know your client’s end goal for their cellar in order to find that sweet spot between these three sometimes opposing dynamics.

A dazzling wine cellar designed for former tech CEO, Piyush Patel, is one of the features of this story.

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