Revel Cellars Cigar Lover’s Gift Box

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Cigar Lover's Gift Box - Cigar Lovers Dream
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Revel Cellars Cigar Lover’s Gift Box 

Great Lakes by Design Magazine

Jim Cash has always loved a creative challenge…especially those that solve a particular problem. Being a cigar aficiando himself, he found that whenever he went to visit a friend and sit out by the lake or on the deck, he would end up carrying a grocery bag of cigars, cigar cutters, a cigar lighter, wine, wine glasses and it be just a jumble of stuff that he would have to bring just to have a cigar out with a friend.

He thought it would be cool to have a really nice, custom-designed, beautiful box that would have all the stuff in it and you could just walk in, open it up and there is everything you need.  Read on to see how the box went from idea to fruition.

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